Blazing Flame Quintet is: Steve Day, Peter Evans, Anton Henley, Julian Dale & Mark Langford.  They use jazz improvisation in interpreting the songs/text of Steve Day. The band grew out of the original Blazing Flame featuring Keith & Julie Tippett.                     


 Blazing Flame Quintet




Blazing Flame Quintet on stage at Bristol Old Vic Theatre (clockwise) Steve Day (voice, hand-percussion), Mark Langford (bass clarinet), Julian Dale (cello), Peter Evans (5 string electric violin), full band with Anton Henley (percussion) . Details of BFQs activities will be available on this web page.  They can be contacted via earssteveday(at)aol(dot)com


Blazing Flame Quintet have recorded a new album which is now released on Leo Records.  They are currently playing a number of selected dates in the UK:


  • Wednesday 5th April 2017 - The Vortex, London N16 8AZ
  • Monday 29th May 2017 - Bristol Old Vic Theatre, Open Stage, BFQ present Over The Brow, a ten minute contemporary improvised jazz opera. 12.00pm (admission free)
  • Friday 2nd June 2017 - Cafe Kino, Bristol BS1 3RU 
  • Sunday 6th August 2017 - Ashburton-Live, St Lawrence Chapel, Ashburton TQ13 7DD
  • Friday 29th September 2017 - Cafe Kino, Bristol BS1 3RU
  • Friday 6th October 2017 - Chew Valley Arts Project, Old School Room, Chew Magna BS40 8SH
  • Friday 17th November 2017 - Cafe Kino, Bristol, BS1 3RU
  • Tuesday 12th December 2017 - The Greenbank Hotel, Bristol BS5 6DP
  • Friday 19th January 2018 - The Theatre Shop, Clevedon, BS21 6HX  


There's a buzz about Blazing Flame Quintet which makes these dates 'must-go-to' gigs.  German writer, Rigobert Dittman described vocalist/poet Steve Day's music as having "astonishing imagination and an alchemical flame..."  Music Zoom in Italy has called Peter Evan's violin, "breathtakingly stunning".  Mark Langford (tenor sax, bass clarinet), has a reputation as a phenomenal musician with 'underground improv' status. The bass/drums team of Julian Dale and Anton Henley fuse orchestral composition and the blues.  Jazz author Marcus O'Dair likened Steve Day to a cross between Tom Waits and Vic Reeves before stating: "....if that sounds absurd, it isn't." 



 The New Album (Summer 2017)


The Set List Shuffle


(Leo Records CD LR 788)



"I am repeatedly listening to the latest Blazing Flame CD - it is mindblowing. Previous albums by Steve Day were really good too, but the band have topped themselves with this one..... In an ideal world, such a project/record should be number one."

(David Cristol, The Jazz Magazine, 2017, France) 







Click on King Of The Raina track from The Set List Shuffle,

filmed during the recording of the album.



Blazing Flame Quintet - Background Information 






Blazing Flame Quintet is the working incarnation of a collective ensemble originally formed around Steve Day's recordings for Leo Records.  See discography.  The BF-Quintet (The Set List Shuffle line-up) was formed in the Autumn of 2016.


Click Blazing Flame Quintet - Loach Song live at Cafe Kino 2017.


Click Blazing Flame Quintet - Jay live at Cafe Kino 2017


  • Steve Day:  Voice/hand-percussion.  Live, he enacts original song form through the ensemble's improvisation.  "Just like the other guys in the band, my interest is in improv.  Sure, my stuff is pre-written, the writing element equates to a personal practice, in performance my words undergo a transformation, perhaps even a translation.   Ornette Coleman to Langston Hughes are among my milestones.  I am who I am, carrying many different writers in my pocket; Yeats, Snyder, Plath and Beckett, plus jazz writers like the great Valerie Wilmer.  Eventually you realise you are somewhere on your own and you have to let them all go to some degree."
  • Peter Evans: 5-string electric violin/violin.  Peter Evans is not simply an electric violinist.  There is nothing simple about his approach to music.  He had a long association with the Bird Architects, an electric band who broke new ground in bridging 'rock', 'jazz' and 'fusion'; taking the results to many unlikely venues.  His composition Furlongs Dash is a classic of the genre. As well as being a central force within Blazing Flame Quintet, it is also possible to catch Evans performing the classical repertoire with the Dorian String Quartet and other orchestral ensembles. 
  • Mark Langford:  Tenor saxophone/bass clarinet.  Mark Langford was a founder member of Bristol Music Coop, a catalyst for free improvised music in the South West.  Wind & Fingers, Both Hands Free, Thinko Jazz, Outloud and Bullit were just some of the key bands in which he has played reeds, keyboards, and acted as composer.  He has now quickly established himself as a vital voice within Blazing Flame Quintet, but is also involved in free 'jazz'/improvising ensembles with such players as Phil Gibbs, Paul Anstey, Bob Helson, Dominic Lash, Tony Orrell and Roger Telford.  Check out the recordings, Fringe Music and Exchange.
  • Julian Dale:  Double bass/cello.  He is a former winner of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival's Young Composers Competition.  He teamed up with the original BF-Collective for the Murmuration album.  His career spans a number of key 'jazz' and rock ensembles and has played with jazz pianists such as Tim Richards and Raimundo Fernandez.  He currently has his own solo projects as a singer and conducts as well as composes for string and symphony orchestras.  Dale's 'straight' compositions have been broadcast on Radio 3, his bass playing featured on BBC Radio 1,2,3,4,6 & BBC TV 1, 2 & Channel 4.   
  • Anton Henley:  Drums/percussion.  Anton Henley is the only other member of Blazing Flame Quintet to have been present on Steve Day's debut album for Leo Records, Visitors.  Unlike the rest of the band his musical background is mostly, though not exclusively, related to rock music.  Important, because he often offers a central pulse to proceedings from which he can divert at will.  His knowledge of drums and all forms of percussion is extensive.  He is also a professional quality bookbinder, photographer and graphic artist. 


Blazing Flame are regularly featured on national and independent radio in the UK and Europe as well as podcasts and smaller stations in America and Canada.  From the beginning the legendary French specialist Taran's Free Jazz Hour have given all three Blazing Flame CD's on Leo Records airplay.  The whole shows are Click red listen.  The time count is given if you want to go straight to Blazing Flame:


  • Blazing Flame Quintet are featured playing Coal Black Buddha click Taran's Free Jazz Hour (3) from The Set List Shuffle. Time count: 1:21
  • Blazing Flame are featured playing Off The Coast Of Fukushima and Bed Of Straw click Taran's Free Jazz Hour (2) from Murmuration. Time count: 52.22
  • Blazing Flame are featured playing Baptised Boy and There's A Spark In The Heart Of Joan Of Arc click Taran's Free Jazz Hour (1) from Play High Mountain Top. Time count: 1.14. (Note: This programe also features Taran Singh giving a superb reading of Langston Hughes' Six-Bits Blues.)







Blazing Flame (2015 line-up) Anton Henley, Steve Day, Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Aaron Standon, Peter Evans, Fiona Harvey


The above line-up is featured in the short films below.  In 2016 Julian Dale replaced Fiona Harvey in the line-up and recorded the album Murmuration.  


Blazing Flame - Blow

Blazing Flame - Nemesis For Nina (Parts 1 & 2)

Blazing Flame - The Mona Lisa

Blazing Flame - Stone Circle

Blazing Flame - Ghost Writer


Film soundtrack:  recorded & mixed at J & J Studios by Jim Barr.  Filming & editing by Steve Gear & Nick Sutton at Calling The Shots.



The line-up below recorded Blazing Flame Play High Mountain Top, Leo Records CD LR 687. 





Blazing Flame (2013 line-up) Steve Day, Julie Tippetts, Bill Bartlett, Keith Tippett, Dave Perry, Aaron Standon, Peter Evans, Fiona Harvey, Anton Henley



REVIEW: Jazz Views, December 2013, Nick Lea (edited)


"This is an ambitious project from Blazing Flame, and would we really expect anything less from the prolific and consistently enterprising Leo Records, that startles and delights in equal measures."

"Play High Mountain Top takes the words/lyrics of Steve Day, and sets them to music from the Blazing Flame collective.... (a) unique aggregation." 


"....Keith's playing is an inspiration throughout, whether working in partnership with Bartlett or heard adding his accompaniment and commentary to the ensemble. The depth of his playing is no more clearly felt than on the exceptional 'There Was A Spark In The Heart Of Joan Of Arc'...." 


"Perry.... stands out for his contributions on bass clarinet. The instrument has such an expressive capability and an ability to bring an added depth to the contexts in which it is deployed, as can be readily heard on the superb 'My English State of Mind'...."


"In a well programmed set, 'Zoltan Shakes The Dice' has a tumultuous rhythmic emphasis and shakes up everything and everyone else...."