Throughout 2019, starting in June, there will be a previously unpublished poem by Steve Day posted on this page. 


Poem Of The Month









Aeroplane Take Off


                        Hangs in the sky,

                        an enormous expanse

                        of hornette soaring

                        my eyes,

                        aeroplane take off

                        over me,

                        roaring, stretching

                        vapour wings

                        and underbelly;

                        I can count it’s bolted

                        structure carbonise

                        above me,


                        white elephant


                        of air-in-fumes.


                        Width vision wide

                        watched tip to tail,

                        so low and

                        then, in seconds,

                        high whooooosh

                        across the world,

                        fly with it.

                        Gone… on



                        too late

                        on time

                        too late

                        in time