Throughout 2019, starting in June, there will be a previously unpublished poem by Steve Day posted on this page. 


Poem Of The Month




I wrote BeforePoets recently.  In content it is a prologue, a beginning of things.  On June 13th the poetry collective, BeforePoets, will be performing at the Greenbank Hotel, in Bristol. For more information click here.  







Before poets the moon and stars held the night in light

Before poets there was ochre in the earth

Before poets fish swam in the depths rising to greet the surf

Before poets a breeze blew fire over water seeping through stone

Before poets there were scratches in the rock face

Before poets the sexing of the species came in the sound of urgency

Before poets a moan of melody became a hum on the long tongues

Before poets language grew on trees and grass

Before poets the spittle of speech was rich from the belly

Before poets dreams drew pictures in the minds of wisdom

Before poets a gathering of berries

Before poets flint was shaped and sharpened to edge and point

Before poets the crows flew north and all eyes travelled with them

Before poets blown glass was thrown in heat and air

Before poets blood of hunters and their prey saturated the streams

Before poets came the counting of possessions 

Before poets fear

Before poets love


and then stories were etched into the telling of these things,

fiction and fact were eventually debated so that getting back

to the before became the occupation of poets.