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There will be a twice weekly posting on this page until the end of May 2019. The only time they won't appear is when I'm out of town. I'm a writer, poet, musician (of a sort); a member of The Green Party and Amnesty International, roughly a Buddhist, some kind of humanist. Labels. What I'm actually about is writing truth up onto the wall of lies; organic survival one way or another. These postings will be about all of us.


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     Sunday 21st April 2019




Not for the first time in her career, Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has got it badly wrong.  Let’s be clear, we all know the police force in the UK has a difficult job, currently under resourced, and with competing priorities.  Nonetheless, over the weekend Cressida Dick stepped well beyond her brief.  She stated that Extinction Rebellion should either confine their London protest to Marble Arch or go home.




She is the Chief of Police NOT a politician. Part of the role of our police force is to uphold the public’s right to free and peaceful protest. Such protest in the capital is NOT confined to Marble Arch and never was (to borrow from Woody Guthrie’s American song, “this land is our land, this land is your land”). Nor does Cressida have the right to tell citizens in a democracy to confine their free speech to their kitchens. I won’t tell Ms Dick to go home, neither do I expect her to suggest to people campaigning for legislation against Global Warming to do the same. Let’s all try and get this right. A Carbon Neutral policy is too important to get wrong.



     Friday 19th April 2019  



 ".....sell out the planet to twitter talk and argument......"


Back Into The High Tide We Go


It's all happening fast. It needs to.  Extinction Rebellion are out at Heathrow today.  Last night David Attenborough's BBC Climate Change programme gave mainstream television the crucial facts about the implications of non-action on Global warming and Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank England, told the financial markets to take global warning seriously or you will cease to exist.  London Metropolitan Police stated they are under strain policing peaceful protest; the fact is it is the planet that is 'under strain'.  That's why E-Rebellion, Attenborough and Carney are out there.


We all need to make changes in how we use our natural resources. We also need a Government that is listening and prepared to take urgent action over the next ten years. It has to start now. Westminster has messed up everything over the last three years and divided the country. We can't afford for Government to mess up and divide us yet again. Our environment is all we've got, allow that to go down and our children's children go down with it.




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